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Over The Moon

A short while ago The Traveling Mabels were recording their latest CD and they asked a friend of theirs (Craig Bignell) to record percussion, drums and banjo on it from his home studio in Grey County, Ontario. Everything was as usual for this type of thing until they asked Craig to be part of their CD release party in Calgary a few months later.

This would be Craig's first time meeting Suzanne Levesque and they seemed to get along just fine right out of the box as they always seemed to be sitting together chatting and smiling a lot:). A few days later a close friend (Tom Jackson the singer) was having a dinner party and most of the guests were from Calgary's musical community. Everyone was taking turns singing and playing a few tunes after supper but when it came time for the ever shy Craig's turn...he bravely went forth but with obvious great strain and fear for his life:)

You see...Craig has made his career as a drummer/percussionist ( and without a huge array of drums, cymbals and various incendiary protecting him, he was sitting utterly alone on a stool, strumming a guitar and singing some silly love song and was completely terrified...who could blame the guy?

As the Traveling Mabels were also at this event, Suzanne was watching as Craig struggled on in front of his often over confident peers. Then from out of the shadows Suzanne appeared, bass in hand to rescue Craig by adding her incredible voice and bass playing to this same silly love song. In doing so, she made Craig sound oh so much better.... He could just feel himself relax, he even ventured a smile and his his voice seemed to return to normal rather than the Slim Whitman vibrato sound that was present before she appeared...He thought his heart would burst instead of peoples glasses....

And That.... Was how this whole things started.... They've been singing together ever since and even have people ask if they are related as their two voices blend so well they sound like family. I guess since they were married in August they are now:)

. They continue the music of that first night with Over The Moon and getting rave reviews and gaining many new friends and fans wherever they perform. Craig is even getting over his shyness: with the help of Suzanne's ever smiling face looking his way while he sings:)

Their first CD is in the works and it's going to reflect the beautiful two part harmony style they love so much and a very acoustic approach to the instrumentation.

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