eclipse fusion

"eclipse fusion" is a performance troupe based out of Bedouin Beats studio in Edmonton, AB, devoted to studying and performing the art of tribal fusion bellydance. The troupe was founded by benevolent opinionator, Tania Gigliotti, an adored tribal fusion teacher and dancer who introduced many of the members to their first fusion experiences. The troupe was originally composed of Sheryl, Anita, Carri, Stacie, and Brittany, but soon after, Brittany embarked on new adventures in Montreal, QC. After gaining some experience performing at local shows and events, the troupe expanded to include new members, Laura, Vanessa and Michelle. The seven members of eclipse study a variety of bellydance styles, but come together to perform strictly tribal fusion, with a focus on dark fusion. They maintain a wide range of performance styles from circus-themed, high energy numbers to dark, robotic industrial creations to slow, sultry, serpentine fantasies.

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