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It all started in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, in a small town of Amatikwe, part of Inanda, which is in the Kwa-Zulu Natal province, where we were singing in a musical group called Abalindi Junior Male Voices. Over and above the rich musical talent that the Lord has blessed us with, we were trained by professionals who were mentors to us, to ensure we understand music and produce music as good as it should sound. Many members from Abalindi Junior Male Voices left the group and only seven members were left, that was the beginning of the existence of Reality 7. Five of the members are related and the group as a whole comes from a rich history. Some of the members are grandchildren to the late Pastor G. Z. Masinga, who sang and composed songs for the King’s Messengers Quartette. He also founded the Abalindi Welfare Society Home, believing in helping the poor, the sick and the needy in his ministry. As a result the Abalindi Welfare Society Home, located in Inanda, Kwa-Zulu Natal, is still running up until this very day The Abalindi Welfare Society Home has an old age home, a hospice, a children’s home, a pre-school and a crèche, which out of it, some of the members of Reality 7 were raised and taken care of to be men of faith who today minister in music. It is for that reason that Reality 7 will always want to plough back to the disadvantaged communities as their social responsibility Due to the musical background our church has, Reality 7 has played a variety of gospel musical styles until they decided to specialize in African Gospel, wherein most of their songs are composed in African languages, and are sung both in acappella and instrumental. The Lord blessed the group to have amongst them a good and a prominent music composer and arranger, who is always inspired to send messages of hope and growth to the listeners of Reality 7 music To date, Reality 7 has produced two albums that comprises of beautiful and lovely African songs composed and arranged in-house by the members themselves, CD 1 title named “Amen” and the CD 2 title named “Ivangeli” both CD’s have proven to be appealing to their listener’s ears, that is visible and can be witnessed by the number of invitations Reality 7 receives to minister in Prisons, Hospitals, Orphanages, Rehabilitation Centers, various Church programs and many other community organized programs, in and out of South Africa their native country In a prophetic language as stated in the Holy Scriptures, seven signifies completeness, and that is Reality 7’s prayer that through the group, the Lord can achieve so much more, as the members submit themselves as empty vessels to be filled by His commission and be used as His instruments. The greatest commission is today’s generation’s greatest omission; it is therefore also the group’s vision and mission to reach out to the whole world, through music, to all who are thirsty for His word.

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