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Archie Fisher

Archie Fisher was born into a family of semi-professional musicians and learned to play the guitar at a young age. Fisher and his sister Ray formed a skiffle group in the mid-'50s, as most musically inclined young Britons did around that time, and eventually, the siblings formed a vocal duo, releasing their debut album Far Over the North in 1963. In the tradition of the Coppers and the Watersons, Fisher and Ray soon joined their parents, sister Cilla and her husband Artie Tresize to form the Fisher Family. Playing both traditional material and Fisher’s own compositions, the Fisher Family were fixtures on the British folk circuit through the mid-'60s and released the album The Fisher Family in 1965.

Fisher's first solo album, Archie Fisher, was released in 1968. Around that time, he also began his decades-long association with the BBC, where he wrote original songs for BBC documentaries on subjects like rural island communities in the Hebrides, and appeared on radio and television music programs with regularity. Eventually, Fisher began working with the BBC as a producer of radio documentaries and features. In the '80s, he inherited the series Traveling Folk, which he now produces and hosts, from the previous presenter Robin Hall.

Fisher's recorded output consists only of a handful of solo albums and a live duo album with Canadian fiddler Garnet Rogers, which is surprisingly sparse for someone with such a long and prolific career. Fisher has been much more active both as a live performer at festivals and concerts around the world (he directed the much-respected Edinburgh Folk Festival from 1988 to 1992) and as a producer for other artists, including Tommy Makem and Liam Clancy, and the phenomenal group Silly Wizard.

Fisher’s long-awaited new CD Windward Away is a collection of introspective ballads that evoke the wild and rough beauty of the Scottish Border country. While working on this album, he discovered a copy of an old recording he made in the late 1970s while working with Tommy Makem and Liam Clancy. Although several songs on this recording had been performed on other albums, this missing master had never seen the light of day. Because he believed these recordings represented an important period in his music, Fisher felt they were worthy of inclusion as bonus tracks to the new CD. Together Windward Away and The Missing Master represent more than 28 years of Fisher’s distinguished writing and singing career.

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