Aaron James and the Black Water

Aaron James and the Black Water band from Nanaimo BC. Their music is what you would expect from a little island where it rains most of the time… paradoxical. They are a real blend of modern and vintage and are considered to be “Neo-Soul” or “Alternative-Blues.” Question Mark of Question Mark and the Mysterians said, “America needs more vocalists like you…” in a telephone conversation between Aaron James and the legendary rock 'n' roll singer.

AJATBW resides with Risqué Disque Records and have completed their debut single “Change” Producer, Shawn Hall (of the Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer) says, “An achingly soulful plea for movement in one mans Cyclical strife, reminiscent of the hooks of Aloe Black and the story telling of Citizen Cope.”

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