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Big Ben and Koschmyoozik

Big Ben is a lover of all things, a madman and an MC and a brother and a son and a thinker and a runner and a dancer and an eater and a pianist.

Upon constructing a time machine and traveling into the not-so distant future, Big Ben met himself, the other Big Ben, a modestly successful underground MC with a dedicated following of artists, weirdos, aristocrats and grandparents. After losing to himself at a game of billiards in the Boston Pizza lounge, Big Ben ordered a plate of cactus cut potatoes and realized he could learn something from his better half. David Lynch and Kool Keith stopped by for an eight dollar schooner and the four friends talked late into the night. Big Ben learned how to pick his cue and how to sink a ball in the side pockets; then he learned about hip-hop. Big Ben taught Big Ben about Africa and Jamaica and the Bronx, about Marcus Garvey and Huey P. Newton and Martin Luther King Jr., about Miles Davis and John Coltrane and Charles Mingus, about Afrika Bambaataa, Kool Herc and the Beastie Boys, about De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest and Outkast. Then they got rapping. They rapped for twenty days and twenty nights. There words kept them alive. On the twenty-first day, Big Ben knew enough to go back. The two friends parted ways, but not before they were able to enjoy a good cry. Back in the present Big Ben began to say things like, "hip-hop saved my life" and "party people is the place to be".

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