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The Royal Foundry

Bethany and Jared first met each other on November 13th, 2009. It was a cool winter day and Jared and his band the Junkyard Poets had come to play a show in her small town. As she walked up the steps of the concert hall Jared was awe struck and between gasping for air he managed to utter a singular syllable to his band mates. “Dibs.”

After 3 years of courting one another the big question was popped and the wedding bells welcomed another happily married couple.

Just days after Bethany and Jared were married they started The Royal Foundry and were quickly thrown into the deep end of the music industry. Playing their first show together on live television at the GMA Awards for their nominated single “Run Back.” Within weeks they had gone from engaged couple to married and sharing the stage with the likes of Paul Brandt, High Valley and George Canyon.

Jared Salte grew up surrounded by music. From the day he was born his father was touring nearly 8 months of the year playing in front of thousands all across North America and Europe. At age 5 Jared started playing the piano and quickly developed a deep affection for all things music. By age 11 he was running the recording studio Salt Shaker Studios. Age 14 he had won his first international songwriting competition, 15 released his first CD and 19 opening for The Newsboys in stadiums across North America with his band the Junkyard Poets. Through Jared’s musical endeavours he has gone on to win 9 GMA Awards and pick up 30 plus nominations including Producer of the Year, making him the youngest Producer to ever be nominated for the prestigious award.

Bethany grew up in the church as a Pastor’s daughter with her mother as the pianist and choir director. She was often coerced into singing affairs from a young age, with the encouragement of her mother not only within the church, but at many fundraisers and community events. Her love of music only grew throughout her teenage years as she was involved in all of the high school musicals, playing the female lead. To no surprise, after she graduated from high school, she embarked on a journey that took her all over the world for the next three years. During that time abroad her lyrical and musical gifts matured as she began exploring new territories of music from the unique cultures all around her.

Now, the journey of music making and success has continued to build as they have toured, gone viral and their name has been spread world wide. All while they start working on their sophomore album due sometime in early 2016. The excitment has not died down, even after the year anniversary of their debut album release.

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