Eamon McGrath

Eamon McGrath never sleeps. He writes, tours, records, repeats: regardless of whether his usual band can join him or not. In Edmonton he plays with The Wild Dogs and The Whiskey Dogs behind him, but on the road sometimes showing up in a city means meeting the band that night.

Folk, soul and blues music is filtered through a thick, viscous layer of psychedelic punk rock and noisy rock and roll. His music’s been compared to that of both Neil Young and Black Flag; Tom Waits, Robert Johnson, Ryan Adams: a punk rock songwriter, with the smell of Saturday night on his wrists and an amp capable of shaking the rafters on the roof. Or, an acoustic guitar in his hands that’s only loud because the room is holding its breath.

In the world of Eamon McGrath, lost love bashes about with loud amplifiers and broken strings. Old friends disappear and reappear with the rage of a hardcore punk band. The blood on your fingers is a sign that you played your heart out for the beautiful girl with all her kings in the back row

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· Jan · 23 Thu 8:00 pm
Winterruption YEG: Sonic presents WeavesAlternative / RockPart of: Winterruption YEG 2020 with Eamon McGrath and Girlfriend Material with SHAG and Good Rumour

at Starlite Room
10030-102 St Edmonton, AB T5J 0V6

Tickets: $16.50 in advance

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