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David Thiel

Magic shows are simply about having a good time. That's it. They're about creating laughter and wonder. They're about building memories and being the topic of conversations long after the performance is over.

If that's why you're here...let's talk.

The bottom line is not everyone likes magic. Maybe it's because some socially challenged kid once chased them around a room and wouldn't go away until they picked a card.

I get it.

But everyone likes to laugh. That's what I'm about. People respond to my shows because they know I like them and I'm there to share some magic...not shove it at them.

Audiences can tell the difference between a performer who's marking time on a clock and one who genuinely wants to help them enjoy the evening.

It's the same with salespeople in a hospitality suite or executives watching a stage show or kids at a Christmas party. People like to laugh and have fun.

I ask a lot of questions before I take on a show because I really want to understand the group I'll be entertaining. I want to know how what I do can help you achieve your goals for the event. This is also why I don't take every show I'm offered. I want you to be delighted in my work. If I'm not a good match for your event, I'll tell you...and chances are I know someone who is.

I don't do any off color material, because that's lowbrow stuff. I don't joke about politics or religion because I don't want to offend anyone. And I don't ever treat any of my audience volunteers with anything but respect...because I don't want to get punched out.

I work hard with each client to make sure the event is BETTER than they expected. I feel strongly that you are hiring me, as a magician and a performer, onto your team. That's why I do whatever it takes to make your event shine.

Clients refer their friends to me. Many of my bookings are with people who have me back again and again. That means a lot to me.

A magic show is about the audience having a great time...and about you, my client, wearing a big smile on your face when it's done.

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