Goldtop is a male/female duo featuring Everett LaRoi and Alice Kos.

A seemingly unlikely pairing, Everett LaRoi and Alice Kos sit on rather distant ends of Edmonton’s music timeline. LaRoi, a mainstay songwriter, guitarist and vocalist on the Canadian scene, began performing in the early ‘80s in the indie pop-rock band Idyl Tea. LaRoi has also released a self-titled solo album and co-fronts alt-roots band ManRayGun, with whom he has recorded three albums.

Alice Kos’ musical emergence began a few short years ago, largely on account of LaRoi’s influence. The two met at Kos’ first guitar lesson in 2007 and began collaborating almost immediately. Kos released her debut album, You Missed It All, in February 2012. Recorded and produced by LaRoi, the album was acclaimed as the #1 Edmonton album of 2012 ( and garnered Kos a 2013 Edmonton Music Award nomination under "Roots/Folk Release of the Year."

The representation of two distinct eras, experiences and song-writing styles is what makes Goldtop unique. The versatility of their energetic live performance keeps audiences glued; both LaRoi and Kos play guitar and keys, at times augmented by loops and drum machines. Goldtop’s vocal blend has been likened to a combo of REM’s Michael Stipe and Cowboy Junkies’ Margo Timmins, their songs ranging from clangorous feedback rockers to gentle acoustic reveries, all the while lush with hymn-like organs and oven-warm guitar tones.

Watch for Goldtop's debut album, coming soon!

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