Is a member of: SOSFest 2010
Tyler Butler

Tyler Butler is a meticulous existentialist with a talent for wavering synth lines and lyrics that quietly speak of his tempestuous relationship with his hometown. Layering of understated guitars and unassuming waves of synthesizer create a subtlety of music that finds an antithesis in the poignant and direct storytelling of his lyrics. Known for quoting conversations and reiterating intimate moments from his life in his songs, Tyler is not afraid to bear his heart, and his girlfriend’s, in the name of good songwriting.

Biannual Canadian tours keep him stocked with enough prairie landscapes and time for introverted self-musings to satiate us with a steady output of EPs. Tyler’s latest eight-song endeavour was the first folk-music release associated with Joe (The Joe) Gurba’s Old Ugly Recording Co.

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