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Folk / Pop Edmonton, AB Website

Adam Holm, is in one word: goofy. He constantly tries to get the audience involved in his shows and his music. Adam grew up in the small town of Beaumont, where he has found many musicians, most of whom have taught him a great deal about music.

Some of those musicians include Bill Bonnah, Michael Chaffee and Erin Faught. At 20 years young, he is very grateful to have met so many musicians that have taught him so much and can’t wait until the next jam session.

Adam is a versatile musician because of the many different instruments he seems to be able to pick up and play within minutes. Instruments include: guitar, didgeridoo, djembe, bass guitar, harmonica, banjo, and the ukulele. His repertoire of songs is constantly growing including new originals and fun covers from Disney movies, and he shines through playing music; clearly playing music is all he wants to do for the rest of his life.

His shows are unique and involve many different instruments, a looper pedal, and cover songs ranging from Dave Matthews Band to the Arrogant Worms. His funky and very unique style combined with his witty persona make his shows something fun and enjoyable.

“I'd like to think my musical style isn't part of any one genre. There are influences of blues, acoustic, folk, and rock. I keep trying to learn what I can about other instruments, and I love to learn about different styles. Music is the biggest part of who I am, and no matter if it's a hobby or more, I'll be playing at open mics and gigs all my life.”

Influenced by Dave Matthews, Don Ross, Andy Mckee, Bare Naked Ladies, Ben Lee and the Eels are, but Adam listens to such a broad range of music that it's hard to trim the list down to just a few!  His favorite song of all time is "Goddamn Right, It's A Beautiful Day" by The Eels.  Adam says, "It just makes me feel good no matter what."

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