Woodley is a dynamic pair made of Nicole the ethereal vocalist, guitarist and songwriter and Corey the smooth songwriter. Both from Canada, and with diverse musical influences including folk, rock, pop, and country.

Nicole believes everyone who enters her life is the answer to a question. These questions and their answers inspire her songwriting. In the song 'Someone I Miss', Woodley cries "if a first love can't be stopped / I can't be freed" speaking of the all-too-familiar pain experienced when moving on from a first relationship.

Corey's curiosity digs into the deep ends of the emotional spectrum, capturing the light and dark moments of the soul in his writing. The song 'Jekyll & Hide', with such lyrics as "I thought you were Jekyll / All doctored up nice / But you've shown you are Hyde / No hiding your vice", runs the gamut of trusting the positive appearances of someone, but eventually being betrayed.

Woodley writes all their music, and Nicole performs. Their studio releases reflect on the universal themes of lusting, loving, longing and loss.

The fusion of Woodley's powerful yet ethereal vocals and catchy pop-rock melodies make for beautifully dynamic songs that suit moods from merry and magical to mad and melancholy.
Woodley's musical inspiration includes Cat Stevens for his lovely lyrics, Damien Rice for pouring his heart into his songs, and Dave Matthews Band for their stage presence and constant song reinvention.

Woodley has struck gold when they've captured the raw honesty of an emotional experience and the listener can't help but feel it too.

Woodley honours all life and seeks answers to the world's problems by avidly exploring its amazingly varied cultures. They believe global warming is destructive, animal rights are important, and cutting down the planet's beautiful rainforests is wrong

Where are they now? Living a yogic life as conscious eaters pursuing their music careers around the world. They consider community as key to a healthy life, and they genuinely desire to build a supportive, healing, and loving global community with their listeners. This is why they write music and perform.

Woodley's music is for anyone familiar with love and loss, and looking for answers in our wanting world.

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