Danielle Cousineau

A Book: Of Sex and Little Else carries the reader back and forth through time as it chronicles the author's wildly unorthodox life. Through vibrant narration and colorful commentary, this nonfiction memoir offers a little bit of adventure and a whole lot of fun in a coming-of-age tale with a few glaring modern twists. Incorporating elements of mystery and intrigue, her story discloses the course of a scandalous affair with a prominent public Vancouver personality who may just have himself one shocking kink. Be warned, this read is not for the faint of heart.

Not too much to say about Miss Cousineau that isn't already in the book. She grew up in Edmonton, AB and then moved out West to Vancouver after graduating from the University of Alberta with her degree in Psychology. Miss Cousineau had aspirations to pursue a career in filmmaking but recurrently met with severe health complications that greatly hindered her chances of working within the industry. Roughly three years later, she lost her mind and fled from the cold harsh realities of downtown dwelling to the humble town of Mission, BC. With less than no money and no hope she curled up and wrote a book - this book, and it's darn good.

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