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Zoppa is a songwriter. Zoppa is a band. Zoppa is a week at home, and Zoppa is a party. Zoppa is brothers jamming. Zoppa is new friends making music. Zoppa is whatever you want it to be, because Zoppa is here for you. Inspired by songs written by Micah Erenberg, Zoppa is a musical outlet that exists entirely for the entertainment of those who seek it. Live performances range from solo acoustic sets to full band rock shows, folk-rap to acid rock jams, 90's walking music to 50's Jazz, and absolutely everything inbetween. We believe in organic music. None of this over produced, dressed up image stuff. The idea of main stream music is great, but we believe in the sheer power of a song, quality aside. Sometimes a rhythm and a melody is all you need. Sometimes even that is too much. All we wish to do is give you some personally arranged sound for your life. What comes out of Zoppa will always be an experiment and therefore it will always be a mystery as to what comes next. However, there will always be something new, and that is all that matters. The songs you hear on this page are some of what we use as simple foundations for our live performances. So, make you want of them. Add a melody or a verse if you wish. Maybe even give yourself a solo. We'll do what we can with them and the others we've got written on scattered papers around the house and then we'll bring our new versions to you when we play live. Then if you want to add your parts, all you have to do is come down and jam. Share what you know, share you're love. Enjoy the music, -Zoppa

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