Atlas Shrug Atlas Shrug is the result of the combined interpretations of rock music in these past decades and the determination of four musicians to aid in the progression of this style into the 21st century. Powerful, unique and determined, the group has been steadily and meticulously crafting their sound since 2007. Their eponymous debut album is redefining the industry label 'independent', having been produced, engineered, funded and recorded entirely by the band at their private recording environment 'Mind For Music Studios'. With this recording the group has gone against numerous modern recording industry standards, refusing to use digital enhancements such as pitch correction (auto-tune), electronic instruments and drum triggering to capture what they feel is the essence of true rock music and what makes their sound unique: well thought out, tightly rehearsed arrangements of new musical ideas, performed by an adept group of young musicians without the need for digital aids.

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