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Awesome Color Awesome Color New Age / Punk / Rock

Awesome Color is a power trio updated for the 2060's, noise provocateurs and impressionists, ace players with punk rock flair, inspired citizens of a ... Read more

Detroit, MI
Koffin Kats Koffin Kats Punk / Regional / Rock

With over Nine years of touring internationally and 1200+ shows, the Detroit based Koffin Kats new home is on the road. This trio kicked ... Read more

Detroit, MI
Death From Detroit Death From Detroit Punk / Rock

Finishing up tracking a brand new 10 song album featuring songs written by David and Bobby Hackney from 1974, 75, & 76, along with ... Read more

Detroit, MI
Child Bite Child Bite Alternative / Punk

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Detroit, MI
Half Dalmatian Alternative / Punk / Rock

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Devon, AB
The Unreliables Punk

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Devon, AB
Michale Graves of Misfits Michale Graves of Misfits Hard Rock / Metal / Punk / Rock

Michale Graves is an American singer-songwriter and musician whose career has spanned nearly two decades. Always evolving as an artist, Michale has performed within ... Read more

Dumont, NJ
Streetlight Manifesto Streetlight Manifesto Punk / Regional / Rock

Of all the various compliments Streetlight Manifesto have received from fans over the years, there is one in particular that seems to resonate most ... Read more

East Brunswick, NJ
The Shit Talkers The Shit Talkers Pop / Punk / Rock

The Shit Talkers perform with an all-original, catchy, lyrical style. These ladies have produced a beautiful collection of ornamental masterpieces bridled in sin, filth ... Read more

East Van, BC
Conveyer Conveyer Alternative / Hard Rock / Punk

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Eau Claire, WA
Oi Polloi Oi Polloi Alternative / Punk

Oi Polloi are an punk rock band from Scotland that formed around 1981. Starting as an Oi! band, they are now generally more associated ... Read more

Edinburgh, UK
Colour In Conflict Colour In Conflict Alternative / Pop / Punk / Rock

Armed with an impressive catalogue of original material that ranges from upbeat pop-punk to driven grunge rock and intricate acoustic alternative, Colour in Conflict's ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Of Angels Of Angels Alternative / Punk / Rock

Of Angels is a group of motivated and talented musicians with one ultimate goal: To create music that incites an emotionally charged response in ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Bastard Son Bastard Son Metal / Punk

Featuring: Mongodeth - Vox/Camel toe tappin' Eye of the Tyler - Gitter/vox P. Miller Time! - Bass Fisherman Run to the Rahills - Poundin' FourSkins Read more

Edmonton, AB
Tyler Cerda Tyler Cerda Pop / Punk

Edmonton born Tyler Cerda has been a part of the Edmonton pop punk scene for years, as a lead vocalist. He now combines ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Raptors Raptors Punk / Rock

For only being a band for a year and a half these guys have definitely been busy! Following up on the local success of ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Eamon McGrath Eamon McGrath Alternative / Blues / Hard Rock / Punk

Eamon McGrath never sleeps. He writes, tours, records, repeats: regardless of whether his usual band can join him or not. In Edmonton he plays ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Intensives Intensives Punk

Four obnoxious shadows along the dark freezing Canadian city street. Louder and more destructive then the bombs they drop. Shredding your ears with their ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Vigilante Typewriter Vigilante Typewriter Alternative / Punk / Rock

Jason Johnson - Lead Vocals, Lefty Bass Jeff Savage - Guitar, Backup Vocals Matthew Scallion - Guitar, Backup Vocals Nathan Nahayowski - Drums, Backup Vocals Read more

Edmonton, AB
Fire Next Time Fire Next Time Country / Folk / Punk

Fire Next Time is a punk band that plays folk songs and it’s no coincidence that its spirited concerts are so often described using ... Read more

Edmonton, AB