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IMPORTANT NOTICE regarding COVID-19 ("Coronavirus")

As public health policies evolve, there may be a number of events that will be cancelled or postponed.

We will be updating our event listings as and when we find out about these changes. Since this is a rapidly evolving situation, we encourage you to confirm any event listings directly with the event venues or organizers, or check via social media for the latest information.

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KANKER in Heaven Only Knows KANKER in Heaven Only Knows Comedy / Theater

999 years in the future KANKER lives on the Planet Molten on the edge of existence. She prays to Weeb and loves to make ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Lost Boy Lost Boy Comedy / Theater

"From the Sterling nominated theatre company that brought you last year's held over fringe hit "BoyGroove", and the award winning new-work ""rooms//apart"" comes a ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Madame Mambella's Last Day Madame Mambella's Last Day Comedy / Theater

For as long as Sully can remember, Madame Mambella has run the Melody Vaudeville House. But not anymore. Today is Madame Mambella's last day.From ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Magnetmonton Magnetmonton Comedy / Theater

Who in their right mind would move to Edmonton?! Two concerned scientists study the magnetic powers of this place in an attempt to understand ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Matt & Ben Matt & Ben Comedy / Theater

What would you do if the next Oscar-winning screenplay just fell in your lap? In 1996, two idealistic young actors trying to break into ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Minding Dad Minding Dad Comedy / Theater

From the writer/director of Spiral Dive comes a sweet, bitter, funny new play about loss, redemption, and the lasting power of love. Fringe favourite ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Miss Julie Miss Julie Comedy / Theater

Blood, sex, violence, and a whole lot of punk rock... this is Miss Julie the way August Strindberg NEVER intended it. The ultimate war ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Mojo Mickybo Mojo Mickybo Comedy / Theater

A vibrant tale of two boys growing up in Belfast in 1970. Their friendship centres on playing football, torturing a cantankerous old man, and ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Monsters Under the Bed Monsters Under the Bed Comedy / Theater

The Squealy Moo campers are back again, this time to earn their "I'm Not Afraid of Monsters Under my Bed" badge and they need ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Parlour Song Parlour Song Comedy / Theater

Ned blows up buildings for a living. His job begins to mirror life in a riotously funny, rueful contemporary fable that explores the absurdity ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Pest Control Pest Control Comedy / Theater

Recipe for a Fringe play: Take one seemingly happy married couple, add a house mouse with attitude, toss in a rude'n'crude exterminator who always ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
PLIGHT Volume I: Genoflex PLIGHT Volume I: Genoflex Comedy / Theater

A superhero rock musical presented by Edmonton's best comic shop, Happy Harbor Comics! Resurrected from death by an experimental serum and given superhuman powers ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Reefer Madness Reefer Madness Comedy / Theater

Inspired by the original 1936 film, Reefer Madness, a satirical political commentary musical, reveals the hysteria caused when clean-cut kids fall prey to the ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Release Release Comedy / Theater

Tabitha didn't go to work today. Instead she did something (really) bad. There are old people wandering the parking lot, a father who doesn't ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Sexed Sexed Comedy / Theater

Why don't women talk about sex? We hide under our covers; think we're alone, but we're not. Sexed is for women, girls becoming women, ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Sexual Perversity in Chicago Sexual Perversity in Chicago Comedy / Theater

Come and experience the caustic, malicious, and passionate sex lives of four Chicago twentysomethings as they (not so delicately) maneuver the deadly minefields of ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Son of A Dwarf! Son of A Dwarf! Comedy / Theater

From the makers of Happy Whackin' and Cowboy: A Cowboy Story, enter a world of sword and sorcery as Accidental Humour Co. returns with ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Stories of Love and Hate Stories of Love and Hate Comedy / Theater

A superconcentrated double-bill. A Hate Story: Venus, Cupid and St. Valentine recall the sugary holiday's beginnings. A Love Story: a drunk driver killed Jeff, ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Strip Down Strip Down Comedy / Theater

Captivated by the 1983 hit film "Flashdance", Dougy Reevers, a mentally disabled man has found his calling in life - to become an exotic ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
The Gooble Portrait The Gooble Portrait Comedy / Theater

Two twins, master painters, are visited by the ghost of their father passed away and are taught the true lesson of mastery. A colourful ... Read more

Edmonton, AB